Thursday, October 18, 2012

Reflection by Mus'ab


My reflection
It’s obvious the lecturer has moved on from the chalkboard and overhead projector and has had to learn or relearn how to use different ways to instruct. the lecturer was able to introduce us to use a multitude of programs that allow us to improve the way we present our audience with instruction.  The different skills that I was able to build will help me as a student and improve the understanding and quality of entrepreneur work.  and the lecturer was able to accomadate each students level of initial understanding and bring the students to a minimum level of understanding.

I would most certainly reccomend this class to other lecturers because of content learnt and the instruction of the lecturer.  and our lecturer was allowed to incorporate a style of humour into each class which helped relax many students and allow them to feel comfortable in the learning environment.

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