Wednesday, October 17, 2012

First Class With Miss Elaine

First Class with Miss Elaine

Nazril Syazwan B Ahmad Nadzri
IEM 110014

What have I learnt?
I have learnt something about entrepreneurship. It is not only about business. It includes leadership, the way influencing people, how to find a good network and communication skills. Besides, I have find my own ability and weaknesses in order to achieve my ambition in life, especially my entrepreneurship skills. I also have some motivation in my life to be a new entrepreneur.

What do I feel?
I feel like going to class every week and 2 hour lesson does not enough for me. The class is so enjoyable, and at the same time there are many skills that I learnt. I don’t feel entrepreneurship is so bored after I had entered this class. The way of the lecture make me feel relax and open up my mind to be more creative and active. The simple word for this class are enjoyable, energetic, relaxing and memorable.

Where can I apply?
I can apply the knowledge in campus life. We have to be more active and energetic in campus life because the world is more challenging. I can apply in my own group of APK, committee in University and in several years, I hope I can apply it in my workplace, and maybe in my business.

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